Disney Aulani Resort and Spa Accessibility Review

We’ve never been on a real family trip, if you exclude all the trips to LPA Regionals/Nationals and family visits. So when it finally came time to pick a location, we wanted to make it count. Dad wanted to go on a cruise due to fond memories from childhood while Mom thought a cruise would be snooze-ville. We tried looking at a Disney cruise as a compromise, but they are extremely expensive, especially during typical school breaks. Thankfully, we found an ideal compromise at the Disney Aulani Resort in Oahu. It has some Disney flair with Hawaiian elegance in a beautiful location and seemed like lots of fun. We had a blast and want to share some tips regarding accessibility.

Kid's Meal Dessert at Ama Ama Restaurant

Kid’s Meal Dessert at Ama Ama Restaurant

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Wolf of Wall Street

Dwarf Tossing in the Movies [amazon asin[us]=B00H9KKKAY&template=thumbnail] Since the release of [amazon asin[us]=B00H9KKKAY&text=Wolf of Wall Street] on Christmas Day 2013, a lot of exasperation has been expressed over its opening scene. In the … [Continue reading]

Classroom Setup Check off List

When you read our son's list of grade school adaptive equipment, it's like reading a rider list for a rock star.  Well, he is a rock star in his own right, but this equipment helped him safely maneuver around campus.  He has had some of this … [Continue reading]

Midget Jokes

PSA (Public Service Announcement): Midget is considered an offensive term. We prefer to be called by our name. And more appropriately, we prefer to be called a person with dwarfism or some prefer Little Person (LP). National Public Radio's (NPR) … [Continue reading]

A Word About Dwarf Tossing: Degrading

An Average Height parent of an LP recently posted that a restaurant in New York is advertising a dwarf tossing event. She thought it was completely disrespectful and that it "goes back to the whole idea of little people being used for entertainment … [Continue reading]

Playing Musical Instruments in Grade School and Beyond

Question:  I'm thinking of starting my older AH son on violin soon, which got me thinking, how that might work for my child with achondroplasia if/when he wants to start. Do any of your achon kids play? I guess they make violins small enough? Will … [Continue reading]

Low-Incidence Funding

When my husband and I were in grade school, there was no 504 or IEP for us.  It was just a simple understanding between the principal and my parents that I needed some adaptations, which were very little due to just "having to work with it".  That … [Continue reading]

The Best Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks Are Fun! A favorite staple of dances at conferences are the glow sticks worn by both children and adults. They come in a variety of colors and lengths. When we recently purchased a large amount of glow sticks for a regional conference, … [Continue reading]

Finding Peace, Grace and Power: Words of Advice To My Children About Bullying

My grandmother was very wise in her years to instill the fire in my belly. But, I never knew how much that fire would need to be re-lit and fueled continuously throughout my life because people are just plain jerks. I'm not talking about the random, … [Continue reading]

Top 8 Reasons Not to Record Disneyland Fireworks on Your iPad

Really? Have you never seen fireworks before? They put on the same 15 minute show every day. It's not like you're at the National Mall on July 4th. You kind of look like dorks. You're not going to re-watch the Disneyland fireworks show again from … [Continue reading]