We’ve created this blog in hopes of helping other dwarf parents like us get through the leaps and hurdles of life from this perspective. Six years ago, our lives changed when we got pregnant with our son. And at 24 weeks, the visit to the doctor further confirmed our place in this world when he had fallen off the growth chart. “Yup, he’s one of us,” we said. And when he came into this world that September day, he greeted us by raising his hands to the sky. “Yup,” we said, “He’s one of us.”

Fast forward 3 years later, we were pregnant again. This time, the grandmas got their wishes — it was a girl. Finally, some pink around here. But, after a couple of glitches with the pregnancies, we were very apprehensive about getting the nursery done, finishing the baby registry, and even picking out a name. However, she made herself known to the world that she was in fact here, alive, and healthy that August day, nearly exactly 4 years after her brother. And we didn’t know if she either looked like me, my husband or neither. Only a genetic test would tell us, three months later. Her long legs, arms and torso coincided with the results of the test– she was ours, but had little resemblance to us. But, she was in fact ours.

We are a dwarf couple raising one child with dwarfism and an average height child. With these two blessings, life could not be any sweeter or any greater than what it is now. But with these two blessings, we have experienced some scary times, some exciting stages, some sad bits, and some amazing moments. We hope these stories inspire, teach, and show you how great it is to be parents of a child with dwarfism and dwarf parents of an average height child.

Remember: When in doubt, consult with your doctor experienced with dwarfism. We’re not claiming to be experts at all.  We’re just sharing our experiences from our perspective as dwarf parents.

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