Ceiling Fans for Night-Time Comfort

Some of us tend to run generally hot, whether it be genetics, weight, or a lot of hair! We’ve heard many stories about LP kids who sweat like crazy while they’re sleeping which can be alarming for new parents. If you’ve never had a ceiling fan installed in the bedroom, we highly recommend you consider this for your children (and your master bedroom!)

Why Ceiling Fans Are Great

  • Ceiling fans keep you comfortable by moving air across your skin, increasing evaporation of sweat and leaving you feeling cool.
  • Ceiling fans are very low cost to run, especially compared to the cost of Air Conditioning.
  • Depending upon the speed you run your fan at, it may produce a gentle white noise effect which can be calming while you sleep.
  • Many ceiling fans have a built-in light so they can help brighten up a dark room.
  • Your child will definitely be more comfortable at night and this will help them sleep through the night.

Our Favorite Ceiling Fans

Minka Group Company F518-WH Flush Mount, 3 White Blades Ceiling fan with 44 watts light, White We have had ceiling fans from Hunter, Sears, and Minka-Aire and by far our favorite fan so far is the Minka-Aire Concept II. It’s more expensive than the generic fan you will find at Home Depot or Costco, but it’s well worth the money. Simply put, the fan is extremely quiet and at the low speed you won’t even hear it on. At the higher speeds, you can only hear the whoosh of the air moving. We have this fan in both of our children’s bedrooms and it definitely helps them sleep better at night.

The Concept II has a cool modern look and is great for short ceilings. The electrician who installed this fan said the blade installation was the easiest he’d ever seen, the blades basically pop into a slot. One thing to keep in mind is that the blades are plastic and not wood, and some people do not like the look. Also because of this the color of the blades will be slightly different than the ceiling fan housing and this is noticeable during the daytime on oil-rubbed bronze versions. However, they look great and the kids always want the fan on at night (as well as during the day!) We definitely feel the Minka Concept is one of the best ceiling fans for kids.

Minka-Aire Wall Control System - White - WCS212 We suggest purchasing a Wall Control along with your ceiling fan. They are available for most of the major brands are very convenient. The ceiling fan remotes that come in the box always seem to get lost or tossed aside. By having the wall control at the entrance to the room, you can easily turn the light and/or fan on in the dark. Our dwarf son uses the wall control to turn on his fan and light. He loves the independence and comfort it gives him.

Ceiling Fan Wiring

When we purchased our first house, the builder offered ceiling fan pre-wiring but we didn’t take the option because it was expensive. Fortunately, a junction box, ceiling fan brace and wiring can be installed relatively easy on an older home as well. We recommend using a qualified electrician for the installation unless you have done this before. It’s important to be sure the junction box is secure and the wiring is safe.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Believe it or not, Dwarf Dad actually installed a ceiling fan in the office with a 9 foot ceiling. This is not something we’d recommend for dwarf adults! Balancing on the top rung of a 6 foot ladder while pushing up a heavy fan and attempting to secure the screws was not a very smart idea and I could have gotten seriously hurt. Installation is relatively easy, especially if you’ve done it before, and this is a great time to call upon your average height friends and family for a favor. An electrician is also an option but of course this will not be free.

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