Color Street: Easy Nail Color

As I’m aging, my vision and dexterity  is getting weaker. My friend introduced me to Color Street one day when we were having a girls lunch. In a matter of minutes while waiting for our lunch order, she demonstrated how easy it was to put this new alternative to traditional nail polish.

I bought one set for Halloween/Dia de los Muertos, and put it in my purse. One day, I had a couple minutes before school pick up to try it out. I was surprised how “disability friendly” it was.

  1. Pretty nails for the less dexterous.
    My handwriting is pretty good and I’m a painter by formal training, but I can never paint my nails without it looking like a 3-year old did it. Also, I seem to spend more time fixing the mistakes.
  2. Difficult to make a mistake.
    Nowadays, my aging eyes has me using reading glasses. Even with them on, I can’t get the fine details done on nails. Color Street makes it easy to put on without mistakes as if you were almost a nail stylist.
  3. Sensory friendly.
    For those of you who don’t like the full sensory experience of getting your nails done (the almost nauseating smell of the air in a salon, the feeling of your nails being cleaned, etc.), Color Street works really well. It’s almost a stick-and-go thing, which also works for those who are low on time.

One thing I felt to be helpful for me is a basic manicure kit that you could find anywhere. The tools help me finish the job and fine tune any mistakes. I especially love the rubber cuticle pushers to help stamp down and smoothen the Color Street strips.

Now, I have no excuse for mani-pedi time with my daughter and nieces. Also, I’ll look more put together when I need to be.

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