Disabled Placards: A Necessity or a Luxury

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Some thoughts from an LP adult perspective . . .

It is okay if your child does not have access to a disabled placard. There are many LP adults whose parents did not have a disabled placard to use when we were young. In fact, there are some LP adults who don’t have a placard because they don’t want to live a life with special adaptations, which is awesome. Any kid has to learn early to be aware of our surroundings, not to walk away from our parents’ car when in the parking lot, hold someone’s hand, and always wait before crossing. Having a disabled placard should not be a right that’s misused. And an infant with dwarfism who cannot walk yet does not need a disabled placard.

I didn’t get a disabled placard until I was 16. And even then, I didn’t use it as much because I felt I didn’t need to use it all the time. Though, when I went to the mall with my friends, I did use it because the mall was huge and if I parked far with a lot to carry, it would be difficult. Difficult, not impossible.

And even nowadays, I practice the same cautiousness: always be on the lookout (there are idiots out there who are not looking) and take your time to get to where you need to go. Vigilance and awareness of their surroundings is the best thing you can teach your LP child because some day, they may have children too, who need to learn the same things. Sometimes, people in cars are just lame and I have to yell at them. Pretty funny when they read my lips with their windows closed as they drive by.

If you choose to get a disabled placard or license plate, your primary care physician, pediatrician, geneticist, or orthopedist can help you with the Doctor’s Certification of Disability requirement for your application.

Reporting Misuse of Disabled Placards

If you do happen to frequently witness disabled placard abuse or fraud, you may be interested in the Parking Mobility site. They have fun sticky notes to place on cars who are obvious abusers in addition to the ability to leave a report with their License plate number on the website.

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  1. I was just giving a talk to soon to be teachers. One of the students told me her cousin has achondropasia and had been recently hit by a car. He had 2 broken legs and pelvis. The driver said she just did not see him Great post.

  2. Thank you for this. I have an infant with achondroplasia and people always ask me about getting a disabled tag which I think is ridiculous because he rides in a stroller like any other infant!

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