Wearing Your Dwarfism on Your Sleeve vs. Strength as a Person With Dwarfism

I can go on and on as to how I got to this subject in my head, but I’ll try to keep this short and to the point.

Strength as a Person With Dwarfism

If there’s anything you can give your child with dwarfism, it’s strength. Strength to get through anything, even when the world is sometimes built against them. It’s something you don’t need to buy in a catalog, order online, or qualify for. But, the strength that you give your child to just live life to the fullest, without thinking they were gypped or swindled into less of a life just because they have dwarfism. It will be worth more than you could ever pay for or get assistance from. See them for them and not as “poor” them. Our life has NO limitations, despite our size. We ARE capable of whatever we want to accomplish.

Wearing Your Dwarfism on Your Sleeve

It’s one thing to KNOW you have dwarfism and another thing to WEAR your dwarfism on your sleeve. We have those of us who have been taught or have learned to take advantage of EVERYTHING out there, even if we don’t need it. Those LPs have the intelligence and health to live a full life without taking away from others who need it, but they take advantage of it, wearing their dwarfism whenever, wherever, just to make it easy on themselves. This is something you can give your child, but it would be taking away a lot of strength, character, and potential they would have if they just TRIED to live their life with strength versus laying out the dwarfism card each time.

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for about a month now. Our newborn baby has achondroplasia. I so appreciate your candidness and have learned so much just scrolling through your posts.

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