Midget Jokes

PSA (Public Service Announcement): Midget is considered an offensive term. We prefer to be called by our name. And more appropriately, we prefer to be called a person with dwarfism or some prefer Little Person (LP).

National Public Radio’s (NPR) World Have Your Say (#WHYS) asked: Have you been offended by a joke?

Well, yeah, I’m a dwarf and a parent of a dwarf. Midget jokes have been the “guaranteed punchline” forever. Why shouldn’t you hire a midget chef? The steaks are too tall. Google’s first auto-suggest response to a search on “Midget” is “Midget Jokes”. Groan. That means it’s a very popular. Again, we are the one disability community that is considered free game.

Talking this over with Dwarf Dad, he reminded me of the freedom of speech. It’s one of the rights as Americans that separate us from most countries. Look, I’m not protesting against my country for allowing the midget jokes. I just want to stop hearing blasts about our size and abilities coupled with offensive, Rated R sex jokes.

Don’t get me wrong. I used to love Chris Rock, Carlos Mencia, and Rex Navarrete. I snicker at the Filipino jokes told by a Filipino even more, probably because I can relate. The thick Filipino accent coupled with shots at our quirky culture is too rich to not chuckle at. But then it gets old. It gets really, really old. And before long, I’m looking at the time and I’m completely bored.

Being a comedian is an honest living that requires talent unlike dwarf tossing. You’ve gotta keep writing new material because before long your shtick making fun of people with differences isn’t so original or hilarious. So, don’t worry Brad Williams. I’m not going to protest outside the next comedy club you’re performing at. I’ve got bigger fish to fry without worrying about these types of dumb jokes. I’d rather not have jokes about my son and our family exist, but I bet President Obama feels the same way about his family. Just hope all you comedians can come up with better comedy material beyond midget jokes.

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