Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Moen YB5408ORB Kingsley Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

How many times has this happened to you? “Mom! Dad! Come help me in the bathroom!” No, it’s not a normal potty emergency.

You cautiously go to the bathroom and find your child pointing to the potty while making a face-palm gesture.¬†Holding onto the spring-loaded toilet paper holder is hard enough for adults. But with children’s small hands, especially the hands of a dwarf child, controlling this unfortunate device can be extremely difficult. We wanted our six year old LP child to be independent enough to simply change a toilet paper roll. With a small palm and just being six, it was easy to understand that this accident could happen. But we can help make sure it does not!

Don’t be frightened, this is not #2. It’s a toilet paper roll holder. Maybe just as scary, considering you have to pull it out with your hands!

After the paper roll holder ended up in the potty again, first we took the above picture, and immediately after we ordered another Moen Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder. We had previously installed one as part of a Master Bath remodel (Dwarf Dad’s favorite part!) and it’s well worth the approximately $30 (depending upon the finish).

The Solution – Moen Pivoting Toilet Tissue Holder Review

No more paper or holder in the toilet! Never have to pull it out of the water again!

Moen YB5408ORB Kingsley Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder, Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • UNIQUE FINISH: Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish delivers a rich, dark brown, Old World finish with striking light and dark accents
  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES: Pivoting post allows for easy roll changes without the need for a traditional roller
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Corrosion-resistant metal mounting post for extra security
  • COORDINATING COLLECTION: Coordinates with other accessories in the Kingsley Collection

Simply put, the pivoting toilet paper holder swings up for you to take off the old roll, put the new one on, and then it swings back down and locks in place. You (or your child) will no longer end up with a toilet paper roll, or toilet paper roll holder, in the toilet again. We highly recommend it!

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