Short Depth Task Chairs

I recently started a new job at a large profitable company with established ergonomic procedures and budgets. At my last job, I had never been offered any sort of special accommodation to get a chair that fit me besides offering a foot rest. It was plainly obvious upon starting my job that the standard office chairs, while a nice chair, would not suit my needs as it was way too deep.

Finding the Right Task Chair

After the obligatory ergonomic eval for new hires, the ergonomist said she would order me a petite task chair that would most likely fit me well. I waited a few weeks and the new chair showed up. Not surprisingly, it did fit better, but I was unable to sit back and have my legs bend at the knee. Many little people order the Adaptive Living ErgoChair online to solve this problem, but it’s very expensive fully decked out and is not the most attractive chair out there. Dwarf Mom had one of these chairs at her last job (unfortunately they didn’t let her take it home after she no longer worked there).

After some Internet searching and measuring on the petite chair, I found that there are a couple large office furniture companies that make 15″ depth task chairs (generally called petite task chairs). They look great as they are part of the standard designer ergonomic office chairs, and are not too expensive.

Allsteel Relate

AllSteel Relate

One chair is the Allsteel Relate. It looks really nice and comes in a variety of fabric options and colors for the frame. The seat pan is extremely easy to slide forwards and backwards, and slides all the way back to give you a 15 inch depth. This is the chair that my work ended up purchasing and I accompanied it with a foot rest and it works great. We are thinking about buying a couple of these chairs for our home office. Unfortunately you need to go through a specialized distributor to purchase this chair, but it’s worth it. My company’s price on the standard black Relate Chair was under $400.

Neutral Posture XSM

Neutral Posture XSM

The Neutral Posture XSM chairs come in both a mid-back (XSM5300) and high-back (XSM8300) model. They are specifically designed to fit people from 3 to 5 feet tall! If you get the seat with the short cylinder, it adjusts down to a 15 inch depth. This chair has adjustable arm height, width and optional 360 degree armpad rotation as well as an inflatable lumbar.

Online Shopping for Short-Depth Task Chairs

If you know of a good online store for short depth task chairs, please let us know!

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