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A favorite staple of dances at conferences are the glow sticks worn by both children and adults. They come in a variety of colors and lengths. When we recently purchased a large amount of glow sticks for a regional conference, we tried to research online the best brand of glow sticks. There is not much information available, mostly that the Lumistick seems to be highest quality.

So we decided to do a semi-scientific comparison — activate the same number of glow sticks from different brands at the same time and judge their brightness. We purchased a package of major name brands from Amazon, WalMart, etc. We also bought the small 10-packs you can get from Target, Dollar Tree, etc. Right away we can tell you the Dollar Store glow sticks just don’t cut it compared to the major name brands. A lot of them were already activated or duds, and they just weren’t that bright.

Glow Stick Comparison

Glow Stick Containers

Glow Stick Containers
US Glow, Direct Glow, Cool Glow, Lumistick


Glow Sticks Activated

Glow Sticks Activated


Glow Sticks After Time

Glow Sticks After Time

We can confidently say that you won’t be unhappy with either of the brands tested: US Glow, Direct Glow, Cool Glow, and Lumistick. However we did feel that Cool Glow started to lose its brightness earlier than the others as you may be able to see in the image above. Unfortunately we were unable to get a picture that accurately portrayed the differences in brightness, probably due to our limited photography skills. This test was probably most unfair to Cool Glow since the pack we purchased only had limited colors and those colors seem to be less bright than others among all the packs.

Unfortunately we also missed the mark somewhat on the scientific nature of this test since we realized that it wasn’t fair due to different colors among the different brands. Since many of the packs we had were multi-colored, we saw that some colors were definitely brighter than others within the same pack. So we will plan to re-run this test again with similar colors.

What Glowstick To Buy?

If you are buying 50 or more Glowsticks for your party, we can confidently recommend US Glow Laboratories, Direct Glow, and Lumistick. The US Glow package includes a couple fun accessories such as glasses and connectors to make a glow ball/flower.


The Best Deal on Bulk Glow Sticks

Looking to buy a lot of glow sticks? The best deal we found on bulk glow sticks is this 1,000 pack of 8″ Lumistick Glow Stick Bracelets.

Other Fun Glow Items

Some other glow toys our kids have enjoyed playing with are the Flashing LED Bumpy Rings and LED Finger Lights. If you are looking for absolutely the brightest glow light possible, check out the Cyalume SnapLight in Green along with a lanyard. They last for 12 hours and are super bright, but they are a little more pricey.

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  1. Thanks for this info. It helps to knowork. It would be cool if you did more on this testing but on youtube. I’m always looking for which glow Sticks are best.

  2. Thanks for these recommendations. I have always wondered which were “best”. We give them to all aged kids including teen girls who like to attach them together for necklaces. Use after a weekly night swim meet so water wear is a concern.

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