Finding Peace, Grace and Power: Words of Advice To My Children About Bullying

My grandmother was very wise in her years to instill the fire in my belly. But, I never knew how much that fire would need to be re-lit and fueled continuously throughout my life because people are just plain jerks. I’m not talking about the random, uneducated person that calls me a midget or the bratty 9-year old kid that thinks it’s funny to measure themselves against my height to show that I’m definitely shorter than them. It’s the continuous need to build a community for my children that is encouraging and supporting of them, no matter what they look like or what they accomplish. Coincidentally, that community is in one of the toughest places to build positivity– school.

Tirades about why bullying sucks is so passe’. We all know it and most of us have experienced it. But when children are involved and they have done nothing wrong to deserve it, but to exist, that sucks.

  1. Find peace within yourself to know that you deserve to be here on this earth, just as much as anyone else no matter how smart, fortunate, or popular they are. You are amazing just being you.
  2. Don’t you go discriminating against anyone else or you’ll be discriminated yourself. The next person has just as much to offer you as you have them, no matter what size, color, creed, or shape.
  3. Be graceful in your frustration with stupidity. How’s the saying go? Life is 90% how you react. It’s tough, I know . . . but, it will serve you well. If you really need to blow off steam, throw coins.
  4. Power comes in many forms and it’s not just to make someone feel small. Take that power and do good with it. Uplift someone else who has been wronged. They will in turn empower the next person.
  5. Numbers don’t mean anything, so when any popularity comes into view, ignore it. Know that you are loved and cherished.

Whenever in doubt, I remember this affirmation that a college professor taught me. It’s simple, so keep remembering it.

I am brilliant, powerful, limitless, love.

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