Top 8 Reasons Not to Record Disneyland Fireworks on Your iPad

  1. Really? Have you never seen fireworks before? They put on the same 15 minute show every day.
  2. It’s not like you’re at the National Mall on July 4th.
  3. You kind of look like dorks.
  4. You’re not going to re-watch the Disneyland fireworks show again from home. Or if you are planning that, wow that’s sad.
  5. What, are you going to post the video to Youtube? Good luck competing with the Bieb on page views for that.
  6. Seriously, the low-light sensor on your iPad isn’t going to make a great video.
  7. We’re ramming your feet with our strollers to try to get you to move, not because we want to cuddle.

Disneyland Fireworks on Main Street

We recently took our kids to Disneyland and stayed for the summer fireworks show. It had cooled down by 9:30 and the crowds dissipated somewhat. The staff blocks off most of Main Street to allow for people to watch the show without getting trampled by passers-by. So we joined the throngs of families and sat down on the sidewalk and street waiting for the show. We had a pretty clear view of the sky and the kids were excited for the show to start.

Right before the show started, staff members started shouting for everyone to stand up as there was no sitting allowed during the show. So we started moving around to find a spot where we could get a clear spot of the sky. Luckily this wasn’t so hard. The show started and things were going great, until the people in front of us started doing this:

Inconsiderate Disneyland parkgoers sticking their iPad and iPhone high in the air

Inconsiderate Disneyland parkgoers sticking their iDevices above their heads

Needless to say, we didn’t get to watch a real good show since there were multiple families sticking their i-Devices high up in the air right in our line of vision. Hello, there are some short people out there. We realize that some people just can’t put down their devices, but really? 

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