Bedtime Solutions for Dwarf Children and Parents

Any new or experienced parent can tell you the fun and frustrations associated with bedtime. Whether you are dealing with nighttime breastfeeding, moving your child into their own bed, or solving a fear of the dark, bedtime is challenging for both parents and young children alike. This can be extra difficult for dwarf parents and parents of dwarf children. We have successfully sleep trained our dwarf child and are currently trying to have our average height daughter sleep in her own bed (though it’s taking a little longer while mom is savoring the “baby time“). For the first couple months, a was really useful for us as dwarf parents. Most bassinets are low, don’t take up a lot of space in the parents room, and are safe.

Arm's Reach Curved Mini Convertible Co-Sleeper 5213-CN-P, Cocoa/Natural
For our first child, we were in a two-story house and carrying the baby up and down the stairs for nap time was difficult. We kept the downstairs for naptime and it also did double-duty as a changing table which was very convenient. Since our dwarf child was delayed and not really mobile, we kept the co-sleeping side rail down to make it easier to reach him in and out. If your child is an early mover, you’ll want to be safe and not keep it in the co-sleeper configuration.

Cribs and Dwarfs Don’t Work Well Together!

Now that drop-side cribs are no longer available, we believe it will be either challenging or expensive to find a crib that will work well for dwarf parents. LP arms are too short and we’re not tall enough to reach into a crib safely. Our dwarf son did not stand up until he was over 2 years old, so it would have been impossible to pick him up from the crib without a drop-side rail. Even with the drop side, we used a tall height setting for the mattress to make it easier to reach him. For our average height daughter, we had the opposite problem. She was growing so fast that we couldn’t keep her mattress on the tallest height because she could pull herself up and over the rail.

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Space Camp for Little People

As of 2015, the Space Camp for Little People program has been placed on indefinite hiatus. The content below is for historical purposes only. Space Camp also has special programs for deaf children and for those with visual impairments.

Space Camp
The dream of going to space is a common fantasy shared by children (and adults) alike. And for those of us who grew up in the 1980’s and watched the Space Camp Movie, actually attending Space Camp as a camper was another dream. Fast forward to being a dad with a dwarf son who is a space/rocket/jet/missile/airplane fanatic and learning about Space Camp for Little People! We just knew this was something we had to provide for our son (ok, and for dad as well). We just got back from attending and our mini review is below.

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Chance of Having a Dwarf Child

What are my chances of having a baby with dwarfism?


We frequently see incoming search queries related to people asking questions such as What are the chances of having a dwarf baby? and Do dwarf parents always have dwarf children? Since there is a lot of interest in this topic, here is our attempt at making this understandable. (A quick reminder: dwarf or little person is the preferred term, not midget).

Autosomal Dominant Disorders

These types of dwarfism only require one parent to pass on the gene (or through a random mutation at conception). Some examples are achondroplasia, pseudoachondroplasia, hypochondroplasia, and SEDc.

Two Average Height Parents (no history of dwarfism)

  • Approximately 1 in 25,000 (0.004%) chance of a child with dominant dwarfism

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Pregnancy as a Woman with Dwarfism

Finally getting to this subject, as it has been a discussion item on many boards and asked by many LP women and couples in our community. I would be happy to answer any more questions from our/my experience. There are just so many questions about the subject, it’s easier to leave it as just a Q & A.

Was finding maternity clothes difficult because of being an LP?

I didn’t find it to be difficult finding maternity clothes, personally. But, we are all different shapes and sizes in the LP world. Also, my taste is different than others. My style is pretty laid back, funky and comfortable. Also, I like to keep things affordable. Though, if you are in an office environment that requires you to wear business attire, it may be more difficult. When I was working for a university in the front line and not behind the scenes, I kept my attire mostly monochromatic with black, blues, greys, browns, and whites. It’s also very slim looking! I bought a couple of maternity pants in neutral colors, got them hemmed and mixed them up with my regular tops/non-maternity pants during the 1st and 2nd trimester. I had some dresses already on hand that either had an empire waste or a stretchy/loose fitting cut. I took these and mixed them with my maternity pants, especially if they were dresses on the short side. The product was a very chic, black or charcoal grey ensemble with low flat heels. On Casual Fridays, I bought some dark maternity jeans and paired it with a black or grey top, layering it with a maternity tank top as I got to be rounder. These were my must haves for LP maternity style:

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