Child Sized Ponchos: Customizing to Size

Packing for the 2018 LPA National Conference in Orlando, we needed rain ponchos. Rain in Orlando during summer is unpredictable. We considered umbrellas, but we didn’t want the weight and the risk of it breaking. Ponchos were the way to go.

Being the thorough person, Dwarf Dad wanted to check out the best ponchos. We considered, weight, durability, features (fasteners, pockets,etc.), and ease to customize. Here’s what we found:

When it came to customizing it to our sizes (as an achon and pseudo adult and achon teen), we considered arm span and height. In addition, as people with achondroplasia, our head and necks tend to vary in length and size. We made sure to put the hood on before making a decision. Some were too short, too shallow, or narrow. Others were too thin. Here is my hack:

Japanese dollar store raincoat ($1.50)

Measure arm span and trim.

Measure height and trim.


Lingito Rain Poncho Family Pack: Extra Thick -Disposable Emergency Rain Ponchos for Men, Women and Teens, Children (8pack) Using this method allowed us to have custom ponchos and they were super cheap. Another alternative to consider is “Child Size Ponchos”. The Lingito Rain Poncho Family Pack worked out well as it had both child and adult size ponchos which worked out well for the varying heights in our family. They are extra thick so can be used more than once like the traditional flimsy throw away ponchos.


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