Swimming: Ditch the Water Wings

LP mom here.

I’m 4′ tall and I have 2 kids (one AH, one LP). Both started swim lessons at age 9 months. The never used water wings, etc. We always held them in the water or were in the water with them until they could be water safe because water wings, etc. give children a false sense of safety and understanding of buoyancy. It took years to get them through each swimming milestone. Yes, even my Average Height daughter took years to learn. Even the water level was at my armpits, I held both my children. I’ve kept them in swim lessons and an intramural swim team. Nothing could be better than seeing them reach swimming goals and be water confident.

Please be patient and understanding as your LP child learns how to swim. They are not only learning about how to utilize their bodies in their environment, but also they are learning how to adapt in water. If you do not have a pool at home, it makes the learning curve difficult, much like piano lessons. If you only have access to a piano once a week, it will take some time to learn how to play. If you remain confident and encouraging to your child’s swim journey, they may someday surprise you and become great swimmers in DAAA games.

Side note, I learned how to “survive” swimming by my military dad just telling me to figure it out. In my 40’s, I enrolled myself in swim lessons to learn proper techniques and formal strokes. It took me years to learn. I challenged myself and swam in my first ever competition at the World Dwarf Games.


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